The Social Technological Landscape

A Discourse on Techno-sociological Behaviors

Technological advances are no longer terms that prompt confused facial responses and infantile explanations. The presence of these advances and a host of recreational gadgets transform mediocrity into fame. These projections are witnessed through television documentaries, motion pictures, and supportive media. The issues raised by technological advances guide the process of social gentrification. This is revealed by the attention paid to the definition of “technology”. There is variety of newly constructed social settings juxtaposed to an already delineated environment. This produces and articulates an enticing arrangement of social interaction. The appearance of acceptability and stability presented by these various mediums is void of theoretical development as a course of change agency. The social fabric of human interaction is achieved by re materializing loyalties of a new milieu toward immaterial cultural practices and fixation on the politics of identity. The immense influence of this societal and cultural movement towards technology, substitutes our attention from social principals and relations to behavior that taints social acceptance. The number of individuals who appear to be outwardly secure in the world of cell phones, game boys, and iPods is emergent. This conduct has displaced human elements of decision making based on firsthand experience and social contacts that would naturally materialize. Modern youth are not involved in social activities benefiting from the differences that various cultures have afforded. Ones proclivities are such that these isolated and collective social contacts produce the understanding possible to make connections that transcend the idiomatic behaviors of classes, consequential relationships, and acquaintances. Within this framework the complex manner assists in expounding everyday social life through the embodiment of meanings, values, and symbolism.

The internet enjoys marked advances adding to the extent of global reach with worldwide web and wireless communications. Themes of debate emerge citing concerns of privacy, commerce, and security as an irreversible effect on the landscape of business and personal communication, as empirical proof to the state 21st century privacy is a direct result of our technological advances. When examining the impact of technology on the application of old laws and new technologies we find that there is a ‘wild west” style of social networking such as Facebook and MySpace yielding differentiated values and colloquial identity amalgamated under the technological umbrella. Considering the liberal humanism in which our young and their colleagues are engaged, the peopling of gadgets amidst a human landscape has led to a more insensitive incorporation of technology and human agency. Very few of the individuals engaged in the peopling of technology actually represent their theory in practice.

The media, which serve as another stimulant in the lives of today’s youth and adult information, are in part responsible for communicating, “poor communication.” While lower standards are set by cutting edge media stars spoon feeding the illicit while sustaining these representations in the context of technology alluding to its affects as a social difference. Technological disadvantages and the isolation it creates, is a global phenomenon with local expressions. As the technological disadvantaged are labeled as unskilled labor, rural and urban America attempt to reveal the impetus behind the behaviors of anti social fears presented by its backlash

Within the clinical settings, beauty parlors, corner stores, and restaurants individuals share information and tell stories conveying verbal preservation of folklore with patrons engrossed in purveying stories to substantiate declamatory accolades. We find ourselves in a new form of discrimination through technology. This affection for privacy may not be exclusive, but the desire to escape the routine occurs without creating new ways to affix it in a subjective manner. For some the rejection of technology is a rejection of western values. The individualism and lack of communal effort can be realized within both, individuals who arrive from the suburbs, and the ever present factions in the city who feel you should be privy to their young families, foul language, and dirty laundry. The separable variables, iPods, make it easy to be individually and silently plugged into various modes of pacification while trenched in dominant ideals of suburban life, and the expression for new conditions of experience by a consolidation of new technological socialization initiated by an emerging influence of those who turn toward gangs, and those who adhere to a resurgence of separatist behaviors.

We would be coaxed into believing this a natural order of progression in the human condition to exist positively affected by technological toys. Individuals exercise their right in taking back their privacy and peace of mind through escapism. The “let’s not be here now” approach to problems posed in the urban environment is dealt with through the personal head set. In the populist language of the future, “get away from it all” are attempts to hide the erosion of family values and neighborhood security. Technology has acquired many American jobs and ushered them overseas as off shoring accounts simplified through use of technology fueling revanchist behavior by the ever increasing manifestation of cheap labor. An entity technology can bring to your door step.

Amidst another technological renaissance, consequent social behavior justifies a critique of the development and political contributions of the largest market comprising our private, leisure, and employment milieu. The dissociative and apathetic behavior of a transparent human social contract is sensitive to circumstances that promote the distancing of our next door neighbor, friends, and colleagues through technological mediums. Significant growth of the technological phenomenon since its inception is illustrated by the creators of Buck Rodgers and Dick Tracy to public agencies who tend to the aftermath these two forces generate. The difficulty of procuring a format to study technological continentalism, its cause and effect, and potential to impact the behavior of society through technology is a difficult one.

The Forbidden Truth Regarding Machine Translation Services Exposed by an Expert

Ok, I Think I Understand Machine Translation Services, Now Tell Me About Machine Translation Services!

Choosing a professional translator is the sole means to ensure individuals who read your business enterprise data in a different language understand the sentiment and intention that you want to convey. A partner to translate websites is only the start. Not surprisingly, it remains a big, expensive problem » Read more: The Forbidden Truth Regarding Machine Translation Services Exposed by an Expert

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The particularly Material reports with Gpa Calculator implementing only

Individuals Help in Gpa Calculator referring to enrollees

So, you possess to accomplish the treatment once again calculating being a complete package deal as opposed to particular person many years. Among the the kinds of on-line calculators will be the forex converter that is considered helpful computation device utilized by global traders and world wide web bidders because it aids in retaining them up to date on every single shift in trade rates. Anytime you are doing the calculations manually, you are able to make a very small blunder. in spite of this, it might outcome within a incorrect final result and therefore the time put in working on calculations is generally squandered additional resources.

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Data of Gpa Calculator

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The Struggle Greater than Gpa Calculator and the way to Gain It

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Secret Behind Technology Blogging: A Best Niche In Blogging

It is no secret that there is a secret behind technology blogging; it is one of the best niches in blogging. Blogging about technology is one of the best ways to get ahead in modern society. In fact, technology blogging is the best niche in blogging these days for anyone who wants to start up a successful business.

If you plan to create a new business or any successful business ventures, one of the best ways to do so is to consider the technology niche in blogging.

The Secrets of Niche Blogging: Technology

These days there are so many technologies to choose from, it’s hard not to blog about them. Some popular examples of technology blogs include:

iPhone how to guides and tutorials

Information and technology news

Technology updates and rumors

The latest technological breakthroughs


Windows and Mac

Technology Editorials and Opinion Pieces

Technology blogs are the perfect accompaniment to a day job although many people find running a niche technology blog can be exciting and take up a bit of time on the side.

How To Run A Successful Secret Technology Niche Blogging Business

It doesn’t take very long to get a niche technology blog up and running. All one need to do is set up a blog account, which is easily done through WordPress or any other free blogging module.

Typically it helps to add a new blog post at least once or twice a week, if not daily. This helps to compete with ultra high-ranking websites. The technology niche is one of the simplest niches to write about.

There are tons of information readily available about most forms of technology. There is always something new in the news about the latest iPhone, or what some star or celebrity has done with their Mac, or latest technology device.

The other approach to technology is writing about how you made money using technology. Most people want nothing more than to learn about how they can make money using technology. And, that is essentially what you do when you create a niche technology blog… make money using technology.

Another great niche in the technology arena is a blog focusing on general technological advances and information. However, the competition for a niche that broad however, may be very high, especially when it comes to purchasing AdSense revenue. If you can narrow your technology niche down significantly, to something very narrow, then you will reap the benefits.

Good, narrow niches are well thought out. Some examples may include very detailed subjects and niche topics, including:

iPhone covers and cases

Android Travel Phones

Mac laptop covers and cases

Windows technological breakthroughs

The more narrow the subject material, the more likely you are to select keywords that bring in targeted audience members. There is also less likely to be competition for your keywords. You want to pay as little as possible to attract AdSense revenues. This is how to make the most bang for your buck when blogging on technology.

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The Importance of Technology

Technology refers to the collection of tools that make it easier to use, create, manage and exchange information.

In the earlier times, the use of tools by human beings was for the process of discovery and evolution. Tools remained the same for a long time in the earlier part of the history of mankind but it was also the complex human behaviors and tools of this era that modern language began as believed by many archeologists.

Technology refers the knowledge and utilization of tools, techniques and systems in order to serve a bigger purpose like solving problems or making life easier and better. Its significance on humans is tremendous because technology helps them adapt to the environment. The development of high technology including computer technology’s Internet and the telephone has helped conquer communication barriers and bridge the gap between people all over the world. While there are advantages to constant evolution of technology, their evolution has also seen the increase of its destructive power as apparent in the creation of weapons of all kinds.

In a broader sense, technology affects societies in the development of advanced economies, making life more convenient to more people that have access to such technology. But while it continues to offer better means to man’s day to day living, it also has unwanted results such as pollution, depletion of natural resources to the great disadvantage of the planet. Its influence on society can also be seen in how people use technology and its ethical significance in the society. Debates on the advantages and disadvantages of technology constantly arise questioning the impact of technology on the improvement or worsening of human condition. Some movements have even risen to criticize its harmful effects on the environment and its ways of alienating people. Still, there are others that view technology as beneficial to progress and the human condition. In fact, technology has evolved to serve not just human beings but also other members of the animal species as well.

Technology is often seen as a consequence of science and engineering. Through the years, new technologies and methods have been developed through research and development. The advancements of both science and technology have resulted to incremental development and disruptive technology. An example of incremental development is the gradual replacement of compact discs with DVD. While disruptive developments are automobiles replacing horse carriages. The evolution of technologies marks the significant development of other technologies in different fields, like nano technology, biotechnology, robotics, cognitive science, artificial intelligence and information technology.

The rise of technologies is a result of present day innovations in the varied fields of technology. Some of these technologies combine power to achieve the same goals. This is referred to as converging technologies. Convergence is the process of combining separate technologies and merging resources to be more interactive and user friendly. An example of this would be high technology with telephony features as well as data productivity and video combined features. Today technical innovations representing progressive developments are emerging to make use of technology’s competitive advantage. Through convergence of technologies, different fields combine together to produce similar goals.

The Promise of Technology is Intangible

Technology-enabled solutions are intangible sales. People don’t buy the machine; they buy what it enables. Average sales people tend to perceive technology as a tangible, so they focus on the functionality. Exceptional sales people understand that customers only care about the results the technology enables, which is intangible. This difference in perception about the nature of technology is the fundamental factor in determining a sales person’s success.

Technology is the actualization of abstract theories. The more theories that are actualized, the more powerful the technology is. For example, there is a computer chip in my car that makes me a better driver. The computer chip senses the car beginning to skid on a patch of ice much faster than I can. It automatically sends messages to the anti-lock brake system so the car responds to the changing road conditions before I am even aware there may be a problem. This simple application is the actualization of theories that span the disciplines of physics, mechanical engineering, human perception, and computer software. It would take a long time to explain how it all worked. As a car buyer, however, I only care about the fact that it makes me a safer driver.

The more sophisticated the technology is, the greater the abstraction. Selling abstractions is more than just relating benefits. It is about linking the functionality of the technology to the desired end result, which is the intangible promise of the technology. I can only appreciate the value of the car’s computer controlled anti-locking device when I understand how it improves my driving. If the sales person just explains anti-locking brakes, I don’t perceive the benefit. If she tells me that I will be a better driver, but doesn’t explain how, then I won’t believe her. She must help me understand the relationship between the how the technology is applied and the results that are important to me before I will value the technology.

Selling the value of your technology.

The translation of abstract theory into useful applications that deliver strategic benefits is the essence of selling value. Value is created when the customer believes the technology solution will help them accomplish their objectives. To develop the customer’s conviction you must integrate their learning process with their decision-making process.

The sales person must provide the customer with the right information at the right time. Furthermore, it must be done in a way that increases the customer’s perception of need, urgency to buy and appreciation of the value contribution of the solution.

The information puzzle gets even more complex as we incorporate the relentless rate of change associated with any technology solution. As the technology evolves and its applications expand, it becomes practically impossible to stay current and informed about the solution. The body of information that the sales person draws upon to sell a technology solution is constantly evolving. Products mutate. New technologies replace old ones. Competitors’ products change. Markets accelerate. Each change has multiple implications for how customers buy and the best ways to sell the solution.

Keeping current about all the factors that influence a technology sale is not easy. It is hard enough to keep track of the ever-changing information. The fact that you must synthesize it into strategically sequenced, customer learning experiences that build credibility and value exponentially increases its complexity. No wonder the sales superstars make so much money!

Janice Lawrence has advised leading edge technology companies for the past two decades on how to sell innovative technology. Follow her Sell Results Blog [] and supercharge your technology sales success.

Modern Science and Technology and the Challenges of Third World Countries

We live in a highly sophisticated world where everything is almost achievable. There would probably have been no changes between the world of today and that of three centuries ago if necessity and serendipitous discoveries had not driven men to achieve great things. Science and technology have had huge positive effects on every society. The world today has gone digital, even human thought. Our world has been reduced to a global village and is better for it.

The benefits of science and technology far outweigh every perceived shortcoming. Some of the biggest effects of technology are in the area of communication; through the internet and mobile phones. There is advancement of communication and expansions of economic commerce. Today we hear of information and communication technology (ICT). Any institution worth its name must have it in place to be really outstanding. Information technology has become boosted in today’s generation; from the field of communication, business, education, and down to the entertainment industry. Through information technology, work performances are boosted with less effort and greater productivity by using various operations. Without computers or the internet, it will be difficult for people all over the world to get their questions answered. One may use the internet to locate a wealth of information with which to answer an essay question that may have been assigned at school, communicate with people, conduct transactions, access news, buy and advertise goods. The list is endless.

The advancement of Science and technology allow mass communication today so that we not only have the television, radio and newspaper, but even mobile phones which renders a multipurpose service; from long distance calls, listening to radio and music, playing games, taking pictures, recording voice and video, and browsing the internet. The benefits we obtain as a result of services from ICT have become widespread in our generation today. It improves the productive level of individuals and workers because People’s knowledge of life beyond the area they lived in is now unlimited. This idea of mass communication also profoundly affects politics as leaders now have many ways they talk directly to the people. Apart from going on air to use radio or television, politicians resort to the social media for some of their political comments and campaign. Information about protests and revolutions are being circulated online, especially through social media. This has caused political upheavals and resulted in change of government in most countries today.

Furthermore, current global issues are much more accessible to the public. Communication has been brought also to the next level because one can find new ways to be able to communicate with loved ones at home.

Science and technology expand society’s knowledge. Science helps humans gain increased understanding of how the world works, while technology helps scientists make these discoveries. Learning has maximized because of different media that are being developed which are all interactive and which bring learning experiences to the next level. Businesses have grown and expanded because of breakthroughs in advertising.

Modern technology has changed the way many companies produce their goods and handle their business. The idea and use of video and web conferencing, for instance, has helped companies remove geographical barriers and given them the opportunity to reach out to employees and clients through out the world. In today’s economy, it has helped companies reduce the cost and inconveniences of travelling, allowing them to meet as often as they could like without having to worry about finding the budget to settle it. Modern technology helps companies reduce their carbon footprint and become green due to the fact that almost anything can be done from a computer.

There have been advances in medical care through the development of science and technology. Advances in medical technology have contributed immensely in extending the life span of people. People with disabilities or health problems are now more and more able to live closer to normal lives. This is because science contributes to developing medications to enhance health as well as technology such as mobile chairs and even electronics that monitor current body levels. Most devices used by the physically challenged people are customized and user friendly.

Science and technology increase road safety. Nowadays, law enforcement officers use Laser technology to detect when automobiles are exceeding speed limits. Technology has led to the development of modern machines such as cars and motorcycles which allow us to be mobile and travel freely and airplanes which travel at a supersonic speed.

Another machine, the air- conditioner, provides cool comfort, especially during hot weather. In offices where dress codes exist, people can afford to wear suits without being worried about the weather. It guarantees convenience even when the climate says otherwise.

Moreover, present day factories have modern facilities like machines and soft ware that facilitate production. These machines work with greater speed and perfection incomparable with human skills. These machines have enabled markets to have surplus products all over the world. For the soft ware, they make it possible for machines to be programmed, for production to be regulated, to monitor the progress being recorded and so on.

Modern technology indeed has been great. For third world countries, however, it has been challenging, especially the area of production. Only consuming and not been able to manufacture does not favour any country when it comes to balance of trade. The most sensitive parts of technology are the theoretical or conceptual parts and technical parts. These are the backbone of technological development anywhere in the world. Without the ideas, there will not be technology. Third world counties need to go back to the basics, that is, to the primitive. There must be meeting ground for tradition and modern technological invention. Third world countries engage in import substitution strategy where they import half finished goods and complete the tail end of the production process domestically. Third world countries started wrongly. They started with climbing the ladder from the top which is very wrong and difficult. They thought that being able to purchase and operate modern technological products qualifies for advancement in science and technological development. This makes third world countries to be a dependent system because working in the factories are routine work and this inevitably links to the issue of the idea of technology transfer. They should seek for technological transfer, but the problem is that no nation is ready to transfer her hard earned technological knowledge to any other nation for some certain reasons which drive nations into competition; world politics and economic prowess. That is the struggle to lead or dominate other nations technologically, economically and politically. Be the first to invent new gadgets and latest electronics including those used in modern warfare, use other nations as market for finished goods, and to have a strong voice and be able to influence other countries. They should consider embarking on technological espionage so as to acquire the rudiments for technological development if they must liberate themselves from the shackles of technological domination.

In conclusion, it’s not until third world countries begin to put embargo on the importation of certain electronics and mechanical goods that the necessity to be creative would replace the habit of consuming foreign products. Countries like Thailand, Burma, Brazil, and South Africa and so on, should be emulated. These countries experienced colonialism yet they did not allow it to overwhelm their creative prowess. Industry and determination saw them emerge as economic giants in the world today. Third world countries should emulate them by carrying out proper feasibility studies to ascertain which technology will suit their country; giving more financial boost to this area, training people to become experts; motivating and encouraging individuals who are naturally endowed and technologically inclined to display their bests of talents. These measures if strictly adhered to will go a long way to help the advancement of these countries in the area of science and technology. If these countries must achieve greatness before the next decade, they have to make conscious and unrelenting efforts. The time starts now! The more they delay, the more backward they become.